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Discover how our Vendor Management Solution (VMS) enables healthcare organisations to confidently and effortlessly navigate the complexities of contingent workforce management.

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StaffBank VMS

Welcome to StaffBank, a distinguished provider of neutral vendor and managed bank services, underscored by our proprietary technology: StaffBank VMS. Our founder began his career as a technician within the NHS, serving initially in a permanent capacity before transitioning to an agency role for an additional two years of service. During his tenure, he worked with three NHS Trusts in London, specialising in neurological, paediatric, and specialist surgical equipments.Following his four years of service in the NHS, he pivoted to healthcare recruitment, clinical insourcing, and business process outsourcing. With 30 years of extensive experience, he has road-tested various VMS platforms, making a significant contribution to our knowledge-based service offerings.

This invaluable experience, together with the collective expertise of the Aetheria Group's team spanning finance, recruitment, compliance, technology, and rostering sectors, has shaped the development of our VMS. This team's depth of experience and unwavering commitment to excellence sets StaffBank apart within the community.

Complemented by the Aetheria Group, StaffBank is powered by a dedicated team of specialists in healthcare, recruitment, technology, compliance, and finance. This team's depth of experience and unwavering commitment to excellence sets StaffBank apart within the community. Our team members have supported numerous healthcare providers since their inception in the UK, affirming our long-standing dedication to quality and service in the healthcare sector.

Engaging with our workforce management framework opens the door to a comprehensive suite of services, ensuring that all providers, including your organisation, comply with government standards on good industry practices, codes of practice, legislation, voluntary arrangements, and regulations. Our commitment further encompasses providing pastoral support and satisfaction for employees, managing the licensing situation and requirements for workers, and upholding compliance with procurement regulations. We proactively keep all providers abreast of regulatory changes, immigration policies, and more, to ensure that workers meet all necessary compliance standards.

VMS Dashboard: A Quick Overview

Dashboard Feature

Every component of our VMS, including the dashboard, was designed with our first client in mind. The dashboard provides comprehensive visibility and control over the managed agency supply chain, supported by factual, statistical, and logical analysis. It can display data for individual units, multiple units, or the entire organisation, empowering healthcare organisations to harness deep insights and oversee workforce dynamics comprehensively. This enhanced oversight aids informed decision-making, facilitating efficient resource allocation, performance monitoring, and optimisation of operational efficiencies. The centralised and customisable portal offers organisations access to actionable data, streamlining management processes and propelling strategic initiatives forward with precision and ease.

Revolutionise Your Contingent Workforce Management

StaffBank fundamentally transforms the management of your non-employee workforce with our innovative, cost-effective VMS, developed using the latest technology to ensure an outstanding user experience. By automating and simplifying the entire process for contingent contractors and their suppliers, StaffBank VMS delivers unmatched efficiency and ease of use.

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Unlock the Advantages of Integrating with StaffBank VMS


Enhanced Workforce Clarity
Consolidate all your contingent workforce information on a single platform. Gain comprehensive insights through detailed reporting and analytics, achieving full visibility into vendor efficiencies, talent sourcing, engagement, rostering, administration, and compliance processes, among others.


Automation Excellence
Eradicate time-consuming manual processes. StaffBank VMS significantly reduces both time and costs by optimising workflows from requisition to rostering, liberating you from the constraints of using manual, outdated, and unsynchronised tools.


Simplified Vendor Management
Are you managing multiple vendors and manually tracking contingent engagements? Simplify your process by centralising all vendor interactions and transactions within a single automated system, significantly reducing the risk of unforeseen expenses.


Financial Efficiency
Ensure your organisation avoids overspending on non-employee labour and is free from inefficient operations that unnecessarily escalate costs.


Seamless System Integration
StaffBank VMS utilises cutting-edge API technology and operates on a cloud-based platform, ensuring compatibility with your existing hardware for a swift and seamless integration process.


Designed Just for You
StaffBank VMS champions custom-fit solutions, moving beyond a 'one-size-fits-all' approach to provide bespoke management, tailored to the unique needs of your organisation.

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Explore a vendor management system that marries robust functionality with user-friendly simplicity, designed to suit businesses of any size. Effortlessly take control of your contingent workforce and suppliers.

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Getting Started with StaffBank

Your Route to Efficient Contingent Workforce Management

Initiating your journey with StaffBank is streamlined and straightforward, guaranteeing a clear route towards transforming your workforce management. Here is how you can begin:

1Register for a Demo

Explore the full capabilities of StaffBank by signing up for a personalised demonstration with just one click. Experience first-hand the adaptability and efficiency of our VMS platform, uniquely tailored to meet your specific operational requirements.

2 Receive a Custom Proposal

Following the demo, you will be presented with a bespoke proposal. This document will detail the strategic plan, pricing, implementation timeline, and the return on investment StaffBank can provide, all crafted specifically to address the needs of your organisation..

3Design Your Custom System

After receiving the proposal, we'll initiate in-depth discussions to fine-tune the design of your system. This collaborative effort guarantees the development of a VMS architecture that seamlessly corresponds with your objectives.

4Launch Your VMS Solution

Transition seamlessly to your customised VMS through our guided launch process. Witness the digital transformation in managing your contingent workforce, characterised by increased efficiency and significant cost reductions.

5Enjoy Continuous Support

Our partnership deepens post-launch, offering dedicated support and maintenance to ensure your success. You'll benefit from regular updates, comprehensive training, and access to a support team committed to maximising the value of your VMS investment.

Unlock the full potential of contemporary contingent workforce management. Begin with StaffBank today and experience the difference!

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Unified Departmental Harmony with a Singular VMS Solution

Whether it concerns managing jobs, rotas, compliance documentation, or timesheets, our VMS serves as the central nexus for operational efficiency throughout your organisation. Equipped with detailed reporting functionalities, it ensures your enterprise progresses as envisioned.


Streamline the posting and management of shifts and job openings.


Efficiently organise staff rotas for optimal coverage.


Efficiently maintain and track adherence to industry standards.


Digitally streamline the submission and approval process of timesheets.


Automate the generation and management of invoices.


Gain valuable insights with comprehensive reporting tools.

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