Contingency Workforce Management

Engage StaffBank to digitally manage your contingent workforce and supply chain. Our tailored VMS solution is crafted to cater to the unique needs of healthcare organisations. Together with our dedicated management team, we provide unparalleled efficiency, compliance, and scalability to your operations.

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About StaffBank

As experts in talent acquisition, StaffBank leverages three decades of experience across highly regulated sectors, excelling in environments where talent is in short supply.

Our expertise extends from health and social care to business administration and technology, enabling us to effectively craft, develop, and mobilise your contingent workforce. Dedicated to delivering operational efficiencies, enhancing service quality, refining processes, providing insightful data analytics, and driving innovation, we cater to the management of permanent, temporary, or internal staffing processes with unwavering commitment.

Transcending conventional white-label solutions, StaffBank VMS represents the pinnacle of our proprietary technology. This tailor-made software platform is designed with precision to streamline and automate the management of your contingent workforce and staffing agency collaborations. By centralising the entire lifecycle of staffing processes into a unified, automated system, StaffBank VMS equips organisations with the means to efficiently manage procurement, monitor vendor performance, onboard temporary staff, and facilitate rostering, among other critical functions. Choose StaffBank VMS to navigate the intricacies of contingency workforce management with ease and accuracy.

StaffBank VMS Portal

Explore the interface of our Vendor Management System, designed with precision to simplify the complexities of managing a contingent workforce in the healthcare sector. This intuitive dashboard provides a snapshot of the robust functionalities our platform offers, including real-time analytics, comprehensive workforce management, and seamless integration of e-rostering and e-job planning solutions. With StaffBank's VMS, you gain unparalleled control and insight into your workforce management processes, ensuring compliance, efficiency, and enhanced operational performance. Discover how our technology empowers healthcare organisations to navigate the challenges of contingent workforce management with confidence and ease.

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Why Choose StaffBank VMS?

Redefine Your Approach to the Contingent Workforce.​

Complete Automation

Steer clear of time-intensive processes. StaffBank VMS can save you an immeasurable amount of time and expense by automating the entire procedure.

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Tailored For Your Needs

StaffBank VMS excels in providing tailor-made solutions, offering bespoke management that's carefully aligned with the specific needs of your organisation.

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Reduce Cost

Ensure you're not incurring excessive costs for non-employee workforce or engaging in inefficient procedures that lead to financial wastage.

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Your Partner in Post-Integration Success


In the dynamic landscape of contingency workforce management, the successful integration of a VMS solution is merely the beginning of an ongoing journey, not its culmination. At StaffBank, we pride ourselves not only as a provider but as your partner in post-integration success. Recognising that healthcare organisations necessitate a flexible approach to contingency workforce management, we ensure our VMS solutions integrate flawlessly with your existing operations and remain agile to adapt and evolve in anticipation of future demands. Our team, endowed with extensive industry experience, is committed to offering continuous support—ranging from resolving immediate enquiries to providing expert advice on long-term strategy development. We are dedicated to enhancing your organisation's operational efficiency, compliance, and legal governance, both today and in preparation for the challenges ahead. With StaffBank, you can be confident that you have a partner wholly invested in your sustained success and the continuous innovation of your contingent workforce management.

Unified Departmental Harmony with a Singular VMS Solution

Whether it concerns managing jobs, rotas, compliance documentation, or timesheets, our VMS serves as the central nexus for operational efficiency throughout your organisation. Equipped with detailed reporting functionalities, it ensures your enterprise progresses as envisioned.

Jobs Feature

Streamline the posting and management of shifts and job openings.

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StaffBank VMS is not a white-label solution; it is proprietary technology. This purpose-built software platform is designed to streamline and automate the management of your contingent workforce and staffing agency engagements. By centralising the entire lifecycle of staffing processes within a single, automated platform, StaffBank VMS enables organisations to efficiently manage procurement, track vendor performance, onboard temporary staff, and facilitating rostering, among other functions.

Our VMS centralises the management of staffing vendors and contingent workforce information, allowing organisations to automate and streamline every aspect of contingent workforce management. This encompasses managing procurements, evaluating vendor performance, onboarding temporary workers, facilitating rostering, and much more, all within one integrated platform.

Implementing StaffBank VMS offers both tangible and intangible benefits, ranging from enhanced quality of the workforce and strengthened vendor relationships to cost reductions and vendor consolidation. Key advantages include increased operational efficiencies, enhanced oversight of your workforce, and numerous other advantages that collectively streamline the management of your contingent workforce. Furthermore, it assures adherence to regulatory and legal standards.

Dependence on manual spreadsheets is not only cumbersome but also susceptible to human error, resulting in fragmented processes, wasted time, potential data breaches, and inconsistent decision-making. This approach lacks transparency in your contingent workforce program and vendor performance. StaffBank VMS automates and consolidates these processes, offering complete insight into program performance and streamlining management tasks.

The complexity of implementing a VMS varies based on your organisation’s specific needs and the system's capabilities. StaffBank VMS is designed for ease of use, with our vast experience in healthcare, compliance, technology, and recruitment ensuring a smooth, straightforward setup. We recommend defining your business and workflow requirements to effectively choose and tailor the VMS solution that best meets your needs.

While traditional VMS solutions may focus on hourly temps, StaffBank VMS is versatile, supporting the management of various types of external workers. This includes hourly temps, fixed-fee contractors, permanent hires, direct-sourced workers, and independent contractors, providing a comprehensive workforce solution.

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